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Superintelligence 2020 Madds Movie Torrent

Superintelligence 2020
No virus

When an almighty superintelligence chooses to study the average Carol Peters, the fate of the world is at stake. When she decides to enslave, save or destroy humanity, Carol must prove that people are worth saving.
Ben Falcone Writer:
Steve Mallory stars:
Melissa McCarthy, James Corden and Bobby Cannavale | Nothing extraordinary ever happens to Carol Peters, so when she starts getting nice comments on her TV, phone and microwave, she thinks she’s punk. Or lose your mind. In fact, the world’s first superintelligence has chosen her for observation and taken over her life with a larger, more ominous plan to take over. Now Carol is humanity’s last chance before that attitude artificial intelligence decides to set.

Superintelligence 2020

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Rating 17 3

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